Detox Therapy

Pain Wellness Northwest specializes in helping patients transition off of opioids for pain with our own unique program.

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Opioid Therapy

Suboxone Detox Therapy has been helpful in assisting patients get off pain medication.

Internventional Spine Injections

We perform spinal injections in addition to help patients eliminate discomfort.

Physical Exams

Our clinic specializes in Immigration Physical Exams.

Welcome to Pain & Wellness Northwest

We are committed to alleviating pain, restoring health and improving quality of life. Our goal is to help our patients live healthier lives while gaining control over their pain.

Our Story

Qualified Specialist

With over 30 years in pain management

Suboxone Detox Therapy

Helping patients overcome pain medication reliance.

Pain Management

Various techniques for patients suffering from mild to severe pain.

Opioid Therapy

Our own unique approach to living healthy and living your life to the fullest!